Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Secret Paws Arrived!

Allie: *squeeeeeee!* Mother and Father finally returned home from their (unapproved) trip away from us all. And while they were gone, this awesome, wonderful box arrived... from Jasper McKitten and his fursibs, Josie, Huggy Bear & Maggie!

So we opened our gifts a few days after Christmas (and several days after Chanukah, Mother *cough*cough* - oh good human help is soooo hard to find!).

Here's our fun-filled evening in photos!

Allie reads Jasper's letter to the fambly (yes! we played dreidel!! *giggle*)
Maxwell admires the handsome kittehs on the magnets!
FaRADaY immediately lays claim to the catnip carrot!

Of course what would a proper Secret Paws celebration be without action shots?

Lots of action shots.

Lots and LOTS of action shots....!

(FaRADaY graciously agrees to pose for them. As you can tell, we really had to twist his paw to get these shots *cough*)

Maxwell's look of shock as he sees how many toys Jasper & Co sent!

(of course, you'll notice Mommy couldn't focus the camera *sigh*)

Oh, and you sent PINK! It's simply DIVINE!!!

Thank you, THANK you to all the McKitten Cats for this pawesome holiday experience - we'll have hours and HOURS of fun with the wonderful toys you sent!

And we hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!

Glogirly's Katie LOVES Her Secret Paws!

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I had the best Secret Paws EVER this year! Samantha, Clementine & Maverick from the big state of Texas and the pawsome blog, Life From A Cat & Dog's Perspective, had my name .... and boy do they have my number!  

I've been watching my weight, so I asked for toys instead of treats. They gave me toys, and toys and more and more TOYS!!!  In fact, there was a whole PINK stocking FULL of toys!  I love them all SO much, but I think my favorite is my new pink mouse. He has a green brother which I might share with Waffles Too.  I'm still thinking about it. 

They also sent some cool stuff for Glogirly. A big Texas chocolate bar, a cute little ornament frame and a great note pad for her to write down my shopping lists for me. 

Thank you SO much Samatha, Clementine & Maverick!  You made my Christmas so very special. I love all my new toys and I love you.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Secret Paw - The Florida Furkids

Our Secret Paw package came from China Cat and Willow. We had to wait till Christmas to open it, but it was well worth the wait! They sent us an amazing package filled with lots of toys and treats and even toys and treats for our woofies and something for our Mom.

Look at all this loot - We got a nip nanner, a nip carrot, a nip cigar, two red floofy balls, a catnip sack with a bell and 3 bags of treats!!!  Mom got a pawsome magnet and the woofies each got a box of treats and a toy!!!

Here's a video of us opening our packages.


Many thanks to China Cat and Willow - we loved our package and Mom really loves the magnet!  She was touched that you included Angels Tamir and Sniffie in it too!

Raz, Ellie, Allie, Cubby, Clifford and Mom Sharon

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lots of Fun With the Secret Paws

Now my friend Baby and me were playing with the cool gifts in my Secret Paws stocking and I thought of something...

How cool is all of dis?

This was my first Secret Paws and meee-ow I know I'm repeating myself.  I'm like mum, I always repeat the same meows over and over again.  But this is a really nice thing here and coming from an area where people really don't like cats that much it's so nice to find a lot of nice owners who love their kitties as much as mum loves me.  Oh- one more thing...

You rock Abby!

Mum finally got that new camera and when she gets a chance she'll share some better pics.  Abby you have a great New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

What great Secret Paws presents!

Hi everyone,

It's finally my turn to post.  I had to let both of the boys (Mal and Charlemagne) get theirs done before I could start on mine.  Fortunately, little Miss Tamar (me!) is a very patient kitty.

 Here's me and my box.  Momma, hurry up and open it already - I'm tired of waiting!!!

Oh, there's a card.  How sweet!  Who's it from, Momma?

It's from all of the furries and Mr. Morgen over at Purrchance to Dream!  And they sent Temptations?  
Yay - I love my Temptations!

And there's mice, too?  What a great batch of presents!  What's that, Momma?  There's even more?

 Special made just for me nip raviolis in my shade of blue?   Wowza! 

I love my nip raviolis!  Sniff, sniff, sniff, lick, lick.......

Would you look at all of this loot?  Such fabulous Christmas presents!!! 

Thank you so much to Spooker, Chloe, Daphne, Pete, Isis, Bella, Jack and Not The Mama (Mr. Morgen) for all of my wonderful Secret Paws presents!  I really like them all so much!

Happy 2013 and may there be much nip, mousies, treats and cuddles in your new year!

Purrs to all of you,

Thank you for my Secret Paws!

Hi everyone,

As my little brofur, Mal, already mentioned, we wait to open our Secret Paws until Christmas.  I had a very hard time waiting as there was something really good in the box and I could smell it!  I wanted into the box as soon as it got here.

Yup, it still smells good.  Can I open it now please, Momma?

The box even works nicely as a pillow, but I still think I'd rather open it.

Look at all of the goodies, Momma!  Who is it from?  It's from Cody and his Momma?  Wow - that's so nice of them!

Oh my goodness!  Look at all of this fun stuff - I can't wait to dig in.  There are two starfish and what else...... 

Oh, hey!  Look at this fishy that talks, Tamar!  Isn't that cool?

And there's treats and a new food dish and hey.... what's this here?  This candy cane thingie?

Oh, oh, oh!!! It's nip!  Yay for nip!  Let me love all over it and claw it and bite and lick it......nip, nip, nip!!!!

Thank you, Cody and Momma Caren, for all of my Christmas goodies!!! I love them so much!  (And I'm sorry that you were worried the package hadn't arrived.)

Big happy purrs and nips noises to both of you!

Hoping you have a purrfectly wonderful 2013,


Mal - A Very Special Secret Paws

"Hi everyone,

Mal here.  I got a very special Secret Paws this year.  My package came in the mail quite a while before Christmas.  I was a good kitty and kept an eye on it under the tree until Christmas - it's our tradition to open our Secret Paws on Christmas.  I was pretty excited when I finally got to open it."

"Momma, look at the nice card addressed to me.  I like getting mail."

"What a nice card.  Let's open it, Momma, and see who it's from."

"Momma, it's from Junior, Orion and Sammy.  I know it's our tradition to wait for Christmas but I wish we'd opened it sooner, so that Junior could know that I liked my stuff."  Momma:  "Mal, I think Junior is watching right now from the Bridge and he's very happy to see you open your presents."

"Oh.  Maybe you are right, Momma.  Let's finish opening my presents, so Junior can see and we can tell Orion and Sammy and their Momma how much I like my gifts."

"Look - it's rabbit treats!  Yay!  I can eat rabbit treats!  I'm really happy.  For those that don't know, I'm on a special diet and can't have most of the regular kitties treats.  Rabbits are on my 'can eat' list, so it's very exciting for me to get rabbit treats!"  (Momma note - for some reason Blogger is rotating this picture and I can't figure out how to make it not do that.)

"Oh!!! Mousies!   Yippee for mousies!"

"Momma, please, please, pul-lease, open the nip toy!

"Oh, goodie.  Nip, nip, nip!  I loves my nip!"

"Yay for nip!  [lick, lick, lick]
I love all of my presents!
Thank you so much, Angel Junior, Orion, Sammy and your Momma!
Sending big throaty purrs of happiness to all of you!

Love, Mal"

Secret Paws for The Crew

My gift from Secret Paws arrived much earlier than this, but I was hesitant to open it.  I wanted to save it and savor it, so it sat there with it's promises of goodies and I smiled every time I looked at it...

Now that Christmas has passed, I thought it only fair to the people who sent it to me to open it up and share it with my kitties and with all of you.  It came from  Mal  (and Charlemagne and Tamar)and The Crew wants to send a great big THANK YOU!! for individually wrapped presents..

Fleurp snagged Eli's giftie
so I snagged it back, unwrapped it and gave it to him..
you can see how well that worked out...
What?  I am being good!!  really!!
(so I tossed her the one marked Fleurp)
the individual wrapped gifties minutes the ones off being played with.
I love how Kit's is sparkly
The "stocking" with toys was in the red and green paper.  More mice were in the striped paper that said "For all of you" and a bag of Temptations was in the blue paper.. once the mega bag of Temptations was out, all bets were off and as you can see the photo shoot ended there :)

Thank you again Mal.  It was so much fun and very much appreciated.