Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Secret Paws Prezzies for the O'Houligans!

I  we got my our Secret Pawz gifts and man are they PAWSOME!!!
THANK YOU to The Psychokitty!

Here's My Box!!!

I'm just certain that '& Fello Kitties' is a typo!

On the very top was The Book of Rules by Max. 
That Woman has since read it and say's it's spot on!

Look how lovely everyfing was wrapped!

Max's mom must have been at the hot toddies too much cos she added all them extra names on the card, really, it's only for ME.  I knew that.

I was more interested in this lovely aroma wafting up from...

Ohhhhhh my!  I never did haz a REAL nippy nanner

there appears to be a 'line' of interested parties behind me, but you know the saying,
AGE before Beauty...

WHAT did she type????
 That Woman attempted to distract me with a giant Giraff leg but it didn't work

I left that for The Boneless one,
He  seemed quite taken with it
And in point of fact, he sleeps with it most nights now. What a goon!

Oliver was right off scopin out them meeses!  

Him & The Boneless one had so much fun with them we will be finding them all over the house now!  MOL!

We want to thank That Psychokitty (and his handlers) for alla treats & presents!  You totally made our Christmas Doods!

*now we just gotta get That Woman to cough up alla dem treats!

We hope to do this again next year!

12 Paws up for Secret Paws!
Ms. Stella O'Houligan
(and guests)


Eric and Flynn said...

Those are great gifts from Max. Those nippy nanners are great.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Great gifts from Max. We bet there is some great advice for your mom in that book.

Max said...

w00t!!! I'm glad y'all liked them! And I felt like I should include everyone, so no one would cry. Buddah would have, the little freak ;)

Texas, a Cat in New York said...

So much fun packed in this box!