Friday, November 30, 2012

Eric and Flynn

We went to Nip and Bones and chose the gifts for our Secret Paws. We had fun choosing them and hope they like them.

get movin' mom....

We finally got the mom to do the shopping......  now we just have to get her to package it up..... then get it in the mail. It is tough livin' with her some times.  MOL

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hannah and Lucy

We are so excited

we have joined in the Secret Paws 2012.

Secret Paws....almost ready

Hi furriends, Ellie here.  I worked really hard picking out the right wrapping paper for our Secret Paws package.  We helped Mom wrap the packages, got the box, everything was ready......

This morning Mom found SOMECAT (Raz) pulled one of the packages out and claimed it for his own!!!  He would be in big trouble but he puts on that cute kitten face and Mom says "Oh well, I guess I'll have to go buy something else"   Sheeesh.....we wonder if Santa will feel the same about this?

Reindeer Sheldon is coming.


We just wanna say that our package is on way. Poland is purr purr purr away from USA. Last year postman delivered package after Christmas. We don't want this to happen again.

Sheldon, Pika and Catherine from Nasty Paws

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good evening everyone!

Nikita and Elvira Mistres of Felinity here!

We want to let everyone know that Daddy Kiril is doing OK, and we all appreciate the support and encouragement we have received as we go forward.

We are participating in Secret Paws, still, because Daddy actually bought the gifts for our Secret Paws before his medical issue cropped up on Friday.

We are going to make sure he remembers to mail them in time. With all that he is concerned about, right now, he is relying on us to remind him. :-D

Abbi's Package Is In Transit!

Shopping for new friends was such great fun and it took my mind off the big football 
debacle at my house on Saturday afternoon.

Soon after I packed the box, Ateret, the first of the package inspectors showed up:

Then, Abbi came along for the final inspection and was a bit bewildered as to why 
the items weren't for her!

The package, right before I took it to the post office...

... and away it goes! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hints and Reminders about Secret Paws 2012

All of the names have been emailed to your Secret Paw.  If you haven't received your name(s), please email us immediately so we can take care of this.  We thought we'd post a few hints and reminders about participating in Secret Paws.

  1. Visit your secret paws blog to get to know a little about them.  If they don't have a blog, read comments in the email you received to learn a more about your special kitty.
  2. Double check the address in your email to make sure it's a valid address.  You may want to look it up on the Internet to verify it.  If it's not valid, email us and we'll contact your kitty.
  3. Check deadlines for shipping with the post office, Fed Ex, UPS, etc., especially if you are shipping to another country.
  4. Be sure to include a card inside your package to identify who you are with your email and/or blog address so your secret paw can thank you.
  5. Visit Nip and Bones for a special offer to ship packages to your secret paw.  We have a separate tab on the top of our blog with the information.
  6. Review the likes and dislikes of the kitties from your email.  Some of the kitties have allergies and we'd hate them to get something that would make them sick.
  7. Feel free to drop in a little surprise for the human.  They always like chocolate, notepads, and other special items.
  8. Please accept the "author request" to post on this blog.  If you can't find the email request, please let us know and we'll send it again.
  9. Post about putting your special package together to ship on your own blog and here!
  10. When you receive your package, please either send an email thank you to your secret paw or post on your blog and/or this blog pictures of your kitties enjoying the package.
  11. Most of all, have fun!
  12. Any questions, please email us immediately at

Friday, November 16, 2012

Special Offer from Nip and Bones

Great news from Baby Patches from Nip and Bones.  If you need a special place to shop for your Secret Paws gift, this is the place to go.  We'd encourage all kitties to set up their "Wish List" on the website.  We set ours up a few weeks ago and it sure would make shopping easier for that special kitty in your life.  Please pay close attention to the shipping deadlines shown below.