Monday, December 3, 2012

Sweet Purrfections Preparing the Box

We finally got Mom Paula off of her behind to help us prepare our Secret Paws package to ship.  Of course we had to snoopervise her to make sure she did everything to our satisfaction.  We really liked the box Mom Paula received some Bath and Body stuff in because of it's red lining, so we insisted she use that one.
Truffle making sure everything fits purrfectly in the box.  Truffle was her typical self and tried to take off with one of the packages that had treats in it.  We hope our Secret Paws appreciates Truffle's seal of approval.

Brulee wasn't too happy that all of the toys and treats were wrapped up in packages and put in the box.  In fact, she liked one of the toys so much that Mom Paula gave in and let her have it.

Truffle:  It's all ready to go, Mom!


Katie and Glogirly said...

The box is ADORABLE!!! I bet there's a kitty and a kittymom who are going to fight over it! haha!

Nice job on prepping the package!
Happy Secret Paws everyone : )

....and thanks to mom Paula for organizing it so us kitties can have fun giving. ...and receiving!

xo, Katie

Anonymous said...

oh squeeee! this is soooooo much fun! What a purrity package, and Brulee, you are surely spoilt! Silly girl!