Friday, January 11, 2013



Hiya Again!  Savannah here with late breaking news...beep...beep...beep...

First...I know who my Secret Paws kitties are...and I follow their bloggy, Nasty is my...


to SHELDON, PIKA AND KASIA!!...and of course to Miss Catherine too....

Here's what happened...the gang at Nasty Paws were reading my post yesterday and SHOCKED that all they saw were the two nip toys...they sent a pretty card so I would know who they were, AND another package that had more way cool things in it that I just know I would have luvluvluv'd!!

AND...they even sent two key chains, not just one, BUT Mom and Dad could each have a key chain with MY PHOTO in how special is that, I ask you....huh?...huh??

None of it arrived...most likely held hostage (VBP) by the Polish customs peeps.

Who says you can't have Christmas prezzies twice in one year...and who says it has to be "real" prezzies to make a kitty purrr???? is the thought that counts...and my Secret Paws put like a TON of thought into selecting my prezzies...knowing just what I would like and what would put big smiles on Mom and Dad too...

So here is my SECOND CHRISTMAS TREE...with all that thoughtfulness under it...

I luvluvluv laser toys, and mice with furrs on them and balls...(purrlease forgive the fuzzy me..Mom is new at photo edits)

I also found out that the second package I received with a card that just said "Secret Secret Paws" was REALLY from Truffle and Brulee and Mom Paula!!! They didn't want me to go without a Secret Paw gift. There were some mice in there...and just so Truffle and Brulee know how much I like what they selected for me...check out this shot of me playing with one of those mouses...

I had a great second Christmas...thank you Pika, Sheldon and Kasia and Miss Catherine...and also Truffle, Brulee and Mom Paula for making this adult rescue cat's First Christmas in my furrever home so special.

Paw pats, Savannah

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Prezzie Finally Arrived!! Yea!!


I don't know who my Secret Paws is, no card or blog name on the package. So thank you whoever you are.

These are the two cute little 'nip toys from my Secret Paws...

And I think some cats out there must have known I did not receive my Secret Paws gift and so I received a package same day as the above with a card saying from your "Secret Secret Paw" thank you also whoever you are...

Here are the sweet little 'nip toys in the mystery package...

And...this package also had some "bling" in it for me to wear on my collar...'cept I don't, ummm, errrr...well...I don't wear a collar, but thank you just the same and I will make sure this pretty bling goes to a kitty who likes to have a collar...

Thank you for both for thinking of me...Paw Pats, Savannah

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Secret Paws!

Here's our post (a little late) from our Secret Paws! Thanks so much!

We received an amazing Secret Paws package all the way from France from The Poupounette Gang. They sent us some great stuff, including two packages of Catisfaction treats and some great cat toys. We also received from chocolates for Mom and Dad.

Huggy Bear, Maggie, Jasper and Josie enjoying some treats
Here we all are checking out all the prizes.

Josie getting some Catisfaction
Josie really enjoyed the Catisfaction treats (French Temptations).

Josie learning what Catisfaction is
See -- Catisfactions...

Jasper checking out the box
I was reading the card, but got distracted by the box.

Our Secret Paws card
Here is a closeup of the front of the card.

Our Secret Paws card
And here's the inside.

Our Secret Paws stash
Thanks Poupounette Gang for the incredible Secret Paws gifts! And Merry Christmas to everyone. It was a great day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Got to open my Secret Paws Gift!

Momma is finally helping me post about my Secret Paws gift from Derby and Ducky! We did have one busy holiday season and wanted to thank everyone who did use our shop for their Secret Paws gifts. And a special thanks goes out to Mom Paula, Brulee, and Truffle for organizing all of this!

My favorite part was getting into the box all the presents came in afterwards but momma didn't get any photos of that. So here I am checking out the goodies!

It has my name on it! MOL

Pawsome card cames inside with a note for us. Derby & Ducky you has to try the freeze dried shrimps!

Boy do I luvs me some feathers!

Momma knew we would all luvs these mice, they all over the house now MOL

Oooo my favorite treats!!

And momma even got a very cool ornament and linens for the kitchen!
Thank you so furry much Derky, Ducky, and your momma! Momma luvs her gifts and we is enjoying all the NIP toys and mice too. We especially luvs these puff balls you sent, we were immediately all over the house with those!

We can imagines how hard it might be to shop for a Chief Kit like me who has almost everything she has ever wanted but I luvs everything we got and it makes a nice addition to our toy basket! Thanks again! Purrrrrrrs & Nosetaps