Saturday, December 15, 2012

So Not Fair

Mom and dad told us that there was a package waiting for me us at the post office.   Dad and Grete went to pick it up and bring it home.  I was doing back flips I was so excited.
I was addressed to ME!
Of course mom, dad, Grete and my momma Ellie and all my brothers and sisters quickly pointed out that the package was meant for everyone to share.   Hmmmm...then why did it have MY name on it?
Anyway...that's not the worst of it.  Mom quickly announced that we will not be able to open said box until Christmas morning!  Whoa!  And to make sure that we don't break into the box, mom has assigned Grete woofie to guard it!
The other piece is...we don't really know who sent it.  We know the box came from  Nip and Bones...but which kitty or kitties sent it?
The Secret Paws mystery will have to wait to be solved until Christmas is officially here.
Moms are NO fun at all.
At all.


Ellie VanCaster said...

We agree-our humans are not usually FAIR-what is up with that atttude? Maybe if I shred a little paper tonite she will see our side of things. Can you bribe the
woofie? Even just to shake it a little?

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

the plot thickens!! You will enjoy it sooooooooo much more once you open it on Christmas!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We know who sent yours and we think you are going to be very surprised!

Cory said...

OMC...maybe Hammy really is in there...*excited*



Anonymous said...

nooooooooo!!!!!! We can't wait!!!! All furriends are waiting to see what's in your prezzie!! BahHumbug on Mom for making you wait Cory!...walks off pouting...oh, paw pats, Savannah


We seem to have that same rule here...nothing opened until Christmas. Our package came today and we want to open it but Mom says no...we have to wait.

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